Laos Sees Sharp Increase in Dengue Fever Cases in 2022

Laos Recorded Substantial Increase in Dengue Fever Cases in 2022
Mosquito sucking off blood (photo:

A video was released by the Center of Information and Education for Health under the Lao Ministry of Health earlier this month, reporting on dengue fever cases in 2022 that infected 32,364 people and caused 24 deaths.

With 32,364 cases recorded, last year saw a sharp rise in dengue fever infections, an increase of 1,400 cases from 2021.

Vientiane Capital recorded the largest number of infections at 15,358. Luang Namtha saw 4,899 cases, whereas Luang Prabang had 1,759 cases.

The Ministry of Health also advised individuals to get tested quickly if they have dengue fever symptoms rather than simply self-medicating.

According to the Center of Information and Education for Health, 2023 has seen 164 dengue fever cases so far without any deaths being reported.

In October 2022, the Hygiene and Health Promotion Department’s Director General, Dr. Phonepaseuth Ounaphom advised people to sleep under a mosquito net to avoid mosquito bites and also frequently using mosquito repellents.

Laos also started breeding a new type of mosquito, the yellow fever mosquito (Aedes Aegypti) injected with Wolbachia bacteria, last year to control dengue fever transmission in the country.