Oudomxay to Celebrate Khmu New Year This Weekend

Baci ceremony in Khmu New Year in 2022. ( Photo: Aea Vilaiphet).

Oudomxay Province will organize the largest Khmu New Year celebrations in the country from 21 to 22 January.

Mr. Khampheng Khunmany, President of the Khmu Association in Oudomxay, said that the celebration will be held at Oudomxay Sports Stadium featuring various activities which include traditional art literature exhibitions, dancing performances, Khmu dancing with bamboo, singing, the Baci ceremony, and much more.

Guests at the event will be welcomed with local fruits, vegetables, and other Khmu dishes, like liquor from earthenware jars or Lao Hai.

Fruits, vegetables, and liquor from earthenware jars or Lao Hai in Khmu New Year. ( Photo: Aea Vilaiphet).

According to the Khmu Community of Orange County, in the United States, the Khmu New Year is held at the end of the harvest season and celebrates the bounty that Khmu farmers reap from the soil.

Thousands of people also dressed in Hmong costumes gathered to celebrate the Hmong New Year in Paek District, Xieng Khouang Province at the end of December last year.