Laos National Identity Card System Back Online

A Lao national identity card.

Laos’ national identity card system is now back online after being out of order for five months and preventing citizens from receiving identity cards.

The Department of Census Management and Grass Roots Development, under the Ministry of Public Security, issued a notice stating that the error in database software and the power system at the department has been repaired.

The Department also ended its authorization of the use of a family registration book as proof of identification, noting that Lao citizens aged 15 and over are eligible to hold an identity card.

After errors brought the system down in September 2022, Lao citizens were unable to renew their national identity cards and expressed displeasure on social media regarding the delay in system restoration.

Some residents in Vientaine Capital were denied service and told to wait without confirmation.

A national identity card and a family registration book are compulsory forms of identification in Laos, issued by the Ministry of Public Security.