Like Korean Food? The Ultimate Food Festival Awaits You This Weekend!

Meet Korea Food Event in This Weekend

Have you ever been to the Korean food festival in Vientiane? Every year this Food Festival is organized, attracting many guests to taste and enjoy Korean products and dishes.

Have you ever attended the Korean Food Festival in Vientiane? The Korean Food Festival is held annually, attracting a large number of guests who wish to sample and enjoy the country’s assorted food products and exemplary cuisine.

Several Korean products will be presented and offered for free sampling at this event, thanks to the event’s sponsor aT Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation, and organizer INDOKOCO ., LTD (K-MART).

aT has developed a foundation for the development of the Korean food industry by providing assistance to food enterprises, organizing food industry information, cultivating a professional workforce, and promoting Korean goods internationally through marketing support.

Under the banner of “Promoting Korean Food to get more Lao market recognition”, promotional campaigns with a “Young and Happy K-Food” theme were set in place from 21 January to 28 February. Locations of the promotional campaigns include Vientiane’s Major Supermarkets such as K-Mart, Parkson, Sky Supermarket (I-TECC), 365 Ma,rt and Vientiane Center where various kinds of Korean products, along with free food samples were on display.

Since 2008, the key organizer of this event, INDOKO co.,ltd (K-MART), has been committed to promoting the popularity of Korean food in the Lao market, and in 2013 opened a Korean grocery chain called “K-mart.”

The annual “Young and Happy Korean Food Festival 2023” aims to increase customer interest in Korean food products by exhibiting Korean foods and culture through a K-food learning class and a K-pop dance stage. 

The focus of the event is the promotion of Korean cuisine, including Soju, frozen products, ice creams, snacks, sauces, teas, and beverages. Each booth will promote, showcase, provide complimentary tastings, and offer special deals to maximize sales and increase interest in domestic customers.

“Young and Happy K-Food Event”, will be held on 18-19 February, at Vientiane Center’s 1st-floor events hall from 10 am-8 pm. 

We hope that this event will assist in promoting unique and delicious Korean food on a nationwide scale.