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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Construction Begins on Giant Khaen Hotel in Southern Laos

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The Sithandon Special Economic Zone has begun construction of a hotel complex shaped like a giant khaen in Champasack’s Khong District at the four thousand islands.

The construction of the hotel is a part of the Sithandone Special Economic Zone’s (SEZ) first phase, which was approved in 2017 and valued at USD 600 million.

Project plans were finalized on 25 July last year, with the Mekong Intercontinental Hotel, shaped like a khaen, the traditional national instrument of Laos, expected to be the tallest hotel in Laos at 238 meters.

The project design also includes a giant sticky rice container.

Meanwhile, Siphandone Tourism Company, based in the Siphandone SEZ, signed an official aircraft lease agreement with Lao Airlines earlier this month to commence charter flights between Laos and China.

At the same time, Tourism Management Co. Ltd, based in the SEZ, has partnered with local tour company Green Discovery to develop the nearby Li Phi Somphamit Waterfalls.

In March, construction is to begin on a golf course, while a fish breeding facility is to be constructed in May, according to Sithandone Joint Development Co.

The company is set to construct a residential housing project in June, while a boutique hotel is set to open its doors by September this year.

A new ring road was built on Don Khong Island in Khong District in 2021 as part of the initial phase of the New Economic Development Zone of Sithandone.

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