Lucky Air Resumes Direct Flights To Laos

Lucky Air Resumes Direct Flights To Laos
Lucky Air's Flight B-7167 mid air. ( Photo : Skytrax )

Lucky Air – a low-cost airline based in Kunming, China – will resume its direct flights to Laos next month.

The airline plans to restart its flights to Vientiane on 13 March followed by direct flights to the UNESCO World Heritage town of Luang Prabang on 19 March.

Flights from China will depart Kunming at 8:00 am before touching down in Vientiane at 8:40 am local time. Flight 8L862 will start its return journey at 9:40 am on the same day reaching Kunming at 12:15 pm.  

On the Luang Prabang route, the plane will depart Kunming at 8:00 am landing in Luang Prabang at 8:30 am. Return flights will leave Luang Prabang at 9:30 local time, reaching Kunming at 11:55 am on flight 8L684.

Lucky Air plans to fly to Vientiane every Monday and Wednesday, whereas flights to Luang Prabang will be on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Apart from direct flights to Laos, Lucky Air also flies to Suvarnabhumi and Chiang Mai airports in Thailand, Kucinta-air reports.

Since Laos reopened its borders, many airlines continue to resume direct flights to the country. Direct flights from several low-cost airlines in South Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand will also resume in the first half of this year.