Russian Tourists Stranded in Laos After Ural Airlines Cancels Flight

Ural Airlines flight at Wattay Airport in Vientiane.

Dozens of tourists from Russia are reportedly stuck in Laos after Ural Airlines canceled its scheduled flights from Vladivostok to Vientiane.

The direct weekly flights started plying last October with a flight time of 6 hours and 25 minutes. The round-trip was priced at approximately 115,000 rubles (USD 1,869).

The number of flights was reduced to once every two weeks in February and the airline recently announced that it would be discontinuing the route in March due to low demand and financial difficulties.

The stranded customers were asked to reschedule their flights by the airlines. Passengers at the airport claimed that they would only get a refund of 3,000 rubles but rebooking on other airlines will cost them 70,000 rubles.

The opening of this flight route less than six months ago was anticipated to help in boosting business and tourism between Russia and Laos. However, it is now being discontinued as the route is not deemed profitable anymore by the airlines.