Sokxay Group Acquires Online Supermarket Pandamart from FoodPanda Laos

Sokxay Group Acquires Online Supermarket Pandamart from FoodPanda Laos

The Sokxay Group has invested in the purchase of Pandamart from Delivery Hero Dmart (Lao) Sole Co., Limited and is expediting the transformation of its online supermarket business to keep pace with the social transition and popular demand.

Following the successful negotiations for the purchase of Pandamart, its name will change to “Pandamart by Sokxay” and continue to provide services as normal under the Foodpanda-listed shops using the FoodPanda app.

Pandamart, or as most people know as the “online supermarket”, is one of the existing FoodPanda services which has enjoyed fast growth. In addition, to food and equipment, Pandamart has been serving its customers in Laos since October 2021 and each year has seen ongoing growth and expansion in the delivery of appliances to their doorsteps within 30 minutes. This purchase of Pandamart by the Sokxay Group makes it the first supermarket in Laos which takes online deliveries.

“I believe that Pandamart by Sokxay will give rise to change in the supermarket sector in Laos and develop and thereby improve it by using the prominent names of both companies together and providing convenient and modern services to customers and consumers,” says Ms. Thanalat Chaleunsouk, Managing Director of Delivery Hero Dmart Sole Co., Ltd.

“The Sokxay Group has been in the supermarket business under the name of “Sokxay Mart” for a long time now and has a huge volume of goods with branches reaching throughout Vientiane Capital. At FoodPanda, we have a modern transportation system and a convenient online app so I am confident that this cooperation will bring monumental benefits to consumers and enhance the experience Lao people have when purchasing items from supermarkets,” she adds.

Mr. Sokxay Somchayneuk (President of the Sokxay Group), says in an interview, “Pandamart is a rapidly growing business thanks to the behavior of Lao consumers advancing into the modern world and thanks also to the modern systems of FoodPanda itself, which has played a key role in its success. For this reason, I see the opportunity to lead Pandamart through the betterment and upgrade of its supermarket business, which will be a long-lasting service for the Lao people.

“As regards this investment in Pandamart, the consumers of Sokxay Mart and the old and new customers of Pandamart will benefit from a greater variety and convenience. The Sokxay Group is itself endeavoring to increase its products to keep up with customer demand while at the same time, working closely with the FoodPanda Lao team to ensure that our customers have a first-rate experience and even faster deliveries than before”.

Pandamart by Soksay is a starting point for Lao services but also continues to partner up with its FoodPanda-listed shops using the FoodPanda app and also providing a variety of goods and deliveries for customers as normal.