Sidewalk Cleanup Campaign Relaunches in Hanoi, Vietnam

Sidewalk Cleanup Campaign Relaunches in Hanoi
Sidewalk Cleanup Campaign Relaunches in Hanoi (photo: itourvn)

Hanoi authorities want to restore order on sidewalks this month by removing any obstacles on streets, like billboards and sunshades, warning resistant individuals or establishments with forced removal.

According to a report by VN Express, the Hanoi People’s Committee announced last Friday that they would implement the plan in three phases.

The first phase which was already completed last month hoped to educate and motivate people to follow rules and return sidewalks and streets to their prior condition.

In the second phase, the authorities will inspect and address violations related to public order. They will respond to any activities that obstruct streets and sidewalks, such as food stalls or parked vehicles. This phase will continue until the end of March.

In the third phase, authorities will commence patrolling the city to prevent any deviations from the regulations that were put in place.

Those who do not comply with the new policy will face the removal and seizure of their possessions, which are perceived as obstacles on the streets.

In Hanoi, people running businesses often encroach on sidewalks, which are also used as parking lots, causing inconvenience to pedestrians.

Mr. Le Hong Son, Deputy Chairman of Hanoi, stated that despite implementing numerous measures to establish order on the sidewalks and streets over the years, it has been difficult to make them sustainable.

The last sidewalk campaign in Hanoi was launched in 2017 and despite a brief success, sidewalks were again filled with stalls, parked vehicles, and shops.