Air Purifiers Sell Out in Vientiane as Residents Express Concerns Over Pollution

Vientiane Sees Surge in Air Purifier Demand Due to Poor Air Quality
Vientiane Capital engulfed with a thick haze of PM 2.5 (photo: Houmphet Manisouk)

Residents of Vientiane have been rushing to purchase air purifiers from local electronics shops due to high levels of PM2.5 dust particles affecting the capital’s air quality since last week.

Electronics shops including Xiaomi Mall Laos, TEE Electronic Sihom branch, and LTH Laos Dongpalane branch have reported a surge in demand for air purifiers from customers seeking to improve indoor air quality.

Vanh, a sales and maintenance staff of Xiaomi Mall Laos, confirmed that the demand for air purifiers is so high they have run out of stock. The store has placed more orders to meet the demand of customers.

“Since the city is now increasingly susceptible to PM2.5 dust, we have noticed an increase in clients wanting to purchase air purifiers, and we are currently out of stock,” said Vanh.

“We mostly order our products from China. From what I see, most customers do not care much about the brand, as they desperately need at least one air purifier in their household.”

Kham, a clerk at the TEE Electronic Sihom branch, said they are almost out of stock due to the increase in demand, but they are importing more stock from Thailand, mainly TOSHIBA air purifiers.

“A lot of our customers physically visit the store, but we have also received a lot of online orders for air purifiers lately,” said Kham.

Tou, the sales officer at LTH Laos Dongpalane Branch, acknowledges the increase in demand from customers but confirms they still have enough stock to meet their needs.

“We don’t have many purifiers left in stock, but we can always order more,” said Tou.

“We will analyze the market demand and then order more air purifiers, so we are not worried about not being able to serve our customers,” he added.

The government has advised residents to remain indoors due to the high levels of PM 2.5 dust particles in the air, and an increasing number of people have sought out air purifiers to improve the air quality inside their homes.