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Vientiane Capital to Repair Roads Ahead of 2024 ASEAN Summit

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Vientiane Capital is set to repair and restore its roads in preparation for the 2024 ASEAN summit and other upcoming government meetings.

Mr. Atsaphangthong Siphandone, the Mayor of Vientiane Capital, said at a government meeting that this year, the city would repair various roads and resolve traffic issues in preparation to host the ASEAN Summit next year.

Alongside mending damaged roads, authorities will also repair traffic lights, clean up pavements, and inspect permissions for construction and urban planning.

Mr. Atsaphangthong said that Vientiane Capital will primarily focus on maintaining cleanliness along the main roads in the city, focusing on the management and protection of public parks and roadside trees, as well as the development of the area around the Patuxay monument.

He added that the main drainage channels in the city will be cleaned and roadside ditches will be filled up to resolve the problem of stagnant water during monsoons. Authorities will also deploy a rescue team to clear out roads after storms.

Lao Ministry of Public Works and Transport plans to spend more than LAK 190 billion (USD 11,256,569) on road repairs and flood management in Vientiane before the ASEAN Summit in 2024.

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