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Authorities to Clear Commercial Area for Tourism Spot in Vang Vieng

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On Wednesday, the Vang Vieng government issued a notice directing stalls at a commercial area near the old airport to vacate the premises to make way for a new tourism spot.

The government of Vang Vieng issued a notice, calling for the closure of businesses within the commercial area of the old airport to pave the way for Egin Engineering Construction Lao Co., Ltd’s ambitious new tourism project.

The notice said that village chiefs had instructed vendors, restaurants, and other businesses to move their belongings from the specified area by 30 April as it is a concession land earmarked for the tourism project.

Starting in May, the company will fence the said area for construction and if any stalls do not move out by then, it will not be responsible for any damages, added the notice.

Egin Lao Construction Company Limited has invested over USD 200 million to build hotels, shopping centers, water parks, and more on 15 hectares of land.

This project is part of Vang Vieng government’s efforts to grow the tourism sector within the region while also being mindful of environmental protection and sustainable development.

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