Three Men Arrested for Smuggling Heroin in Bokeo

Three Men Arrested for 400 Heroin Sticks Possession in Bokeo
The confiscated heroin (photo: Lao Security News)

Three men were arrested in Bokeo last Thursday for the possession of 400 sticks of heroin, weighing 160 kilograms, which was discovered by authorities in their modified car during a routine inspection. 

The incident occurred at the Nam Keng checkpoint when local police stopped a golden Mazda jeep with a Luang Prabang license plate traveling from Ton Phueng district to Huai Xai district.

During the inspection, the police noticed that the vehicle was physically modified and the behavior of all three men in the car, including the driver, was unusual and suspicious.

Three Men Arrested for 400 Heroin Sticks Possession in Luang Prabang
The inside of the modified vehicle where the men hid the drugs

Upon checking the car thoroughly, the Provincial Police of Suppression and Anti-narcotics Department discovered 400 sticks of heroin weighing 160 kilograms inside the vehicle.

The men, identified as 25-year-old Ja Lao, 29-year-old Jia Lao, and 28-year-old Khamseng Song, were immediately arrested and taken into custody.

The police also informed that the accused are residents of Bokeo province and they are currently investigating the matter to determine the charges that would be brought against the three men.