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Transport Ministry Cancels New Lao Airlines Route to Houaphanh

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The Ministry of Public Works and Transport has suspended the operations of a new Lao Airlines route to the Nongkhang Airport in Sam Neua, Houaphanh Province.

The ministry issued a notice on Friday stating that the suspension was to ensure safety and comply with the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The Civil Aviation Department in Laos has informed Lao Airlines State Enterprise to suspend the operation of flights QV701 and QV702 from Vientiane’s Wattay International Airport to Sam Neua, Nongkhang Airport.

Accoding to the notice, the Nongkhang Airport is currently undergoing the process of airport registration and flight safety assessment. Once this is complete, the Civil Aviation Department will approve flight routes to the new airport, according to regulations.

Lao Airlines had earlier announced that the flag carrier will be operating three flights a week to the new airport starting May 12, after the completion of its construction.

In April, an aircraft from the Thai Aviation Company “AEROTHAI” with the registration number HS-AIM successfully landed at the Nongkhang Airport after testing its landing guide system for flights.

Due to the significant setback of about ten years since the airport was approved for its construction in 2013, the airport has not yet made an official announcement regarding its completion.

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