Bokeo Authorities Seize Over 1,000 Kg of Methamphetamine

Bokeo Authorities Seize 1,436 Kg of Methamphetamine
Officers pose with the seized drugs (photo: Lao Security News)

Bokeo authorities confiscated 48 packages of methamphetamine weighing 1,436 kilograms on Tuesday, but the drug traffickers managed to flee the scene.

Bokeo Provincial Police was tipped off by a resident on Monday who informed them about drugs being transported from a neighboring country into the province’s Tonpheng district. This prompted the authorities to disrupt the movement of the drugs and seize them the next day.

According to PL Bokeo News, the Bokeo Provincial Police Offers coordinated with the officers from the Tonpheng district and successfully intercepted the targets – two VIGO Pickup trucks without nameplates.

The report says that the two vehicles were driving at high speed and did not stop when signaled to. This forced the authorities to shoot the tires of one of the trucks causing the drivers to lose control of the vehicles that were stopped in their tracks in the middle of the road.

The packages of seized drugs (photo: Lao Security News)

Upon investigating the pickup trucks, the authorities discovered 24 bags of methamphetamine in each truck. The first vehicle contained 688 packets in the bags while the other stored 748. The combined weight of all the drugs was 1,436 kilograms.

While the officers managed to confiscate the drugs, the drivers of the vehicles were able to flee the scene in the darkness of the night.

The local police are currently on the lookout for the drivers who were moving the drugs, to detain them and also track down other potential suspects for recent drug busts in the province.