Lao Government to Utilize Hydrogen Ammonia as Clean Source of Energy

Lao Government to Utilize Hydrogen Ammonia as Clean Source of Energy
Hydrogen Ammonia plant. (Photo: Fuelcellswork)

The Lao Government is currently in the process of drafting strategies to utilize hydrogen ammonia as a clean source of energy, partially replacing other sources of clean energy in Laos.

Deputy Minister of Energy and Mines Dr. Sinava Souphanouvong, presided over the third workshop on Energy Change for Using Hydrogen Ammonia Energy saying that the world is currently shifting towards hydrogen ammonia as a source of clean energy.

Many countries, including the Republic of Korea, Japan, and China have already adopted policies and reforms for using this source of energy. New markets have also emerged and are on an upward trend, according to Vientiane Times.

“Laos has the potential to produce energy from hydropower, solar energy, and wind energy. These energies can be converted into hydrogen to replace the use of fossil fuel…The use of this kind of energy will help to reduce pollution and support sustainable green development.,” Dr. Sinava said. 

The government hopes to make use of this source of clean energy particularly in the transportation sector as Laos is currently completely reliant on imported fossil fuels.

According to Dr. Sinava, energy transition, and hydrogen ammonia energy use in Laos will assist the country to devise short and long-term strategies around energy storage, safety, power generation, low-cost transport, heavy industry, agriculture, and mining.