Lao Movie ‘The Signal’ Named Among Top 5 Must-See Films at Shanghai Film Festival

Laos Film 'The Signal' Named Among Top 5 Must-See Films at Shanghai Film Festival
A screenshot from The Signal teaser

In an exciting development for the Lao film industry, the much-anticipated film, “The Signal”, has been highlighted as one of the five must-see films at the ongoing Shanghai Film Festival by The Hollywood Reporter, a renowned US magazine.

“The Signal,” directed by Lee Phongsavanh, represents Laos in the Asian New Talent section of the festival, which runs from 9 June to 18 June.

The film follows the journey of a young country girl who ventures into the city in search of her father, uncovering unsettling family secrets along the way. As a horror-tinged family drama, the movie that draws inspiration from films in similar genres in Thailand and Vietnam, promises to captivate audiences.

The Shanghai Film Festival, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and being held for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic, aims to showcase a diverse range of international films. The inclusion of “The Signal” not only highlights the festival’s commitment to exploring lesser-known territories but also recognizes the emerging talent and potential of the Laotian film industry.

As the festival facilitates cultural exchange and celebrates the comeback of China’s movie business, this recognition of a Laotian film demonstrates the growing significance of Asian cinema on the global stage.

“The Signal” joins other notable films at the Shanghai Film Festival, including works of filmmakers from China, Japan, and other countries across Asia. With esteemed figures such as director Yoji Yamada and international stars like Jason Statham gracing the event, the festival promises to be a vibrant celebration of Asian cinema and a platform for emerging filmmakers to shine.