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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Sekong Province to Improve Facilities Near Tad Fai Mai Waterfall for Visit Laos Year 2024

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Sekong provincial authorities are planning to upgrade the tourism infrastructure and provide better facilities at Tad Fai Mai waterfall to welcome more tourists next year.

The Governor of Sekong Province, Mr. Leklay Sivilay, and other provincial and district officials visited Palengtay village in Thataeng district last week to survey the Tad Fai Mai waterfall and understand how the area could be improved to make it an attractive and sought-after tourist destination.

The waterfall is located in a beautiful forest and has a fascinating history. The governor hopes that the province will be able to attract some financial investment to develop the region of the waterfall while preserving the forest and creating jobs for the local community.

Mr. Chanthaboun Thalongsengchan, head of the Sekong Information, Culture, and Tourism Department, said that provincial leaders and other stakeholders have made tourism a priority in attracting domestic and foreign investment. This will generate income for residents and improve the lives of people in the surrounding areas.

Additionally, Mr. Chanthaboun revealed that Sekong Province currently has 42 tourist attractions. Of these, 21 are natural attractions, 7 are cultural attractions, 10 are historical attractions, and 4 are agricultural attractions. He added that the province has allowed entrepreneurs to develop three natural tourist attractions.

Laos is currently preparing for Visit Laos Year 2024, targeting to welcome 2.7 million tourists to boost the post-pandemic recovery of the tourism industry.

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