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Monday, July 15, 2024

Vientiane Capital Speeds Up Preparations for ASEAN Chairmanship and Visit Laos Year 2024

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The Department of Information, Culture, and Tourism of Vientiane Capital is expediting its preparations to welcome a higher influx of foreign visitors during Laos’ ASEAN Chairmanship and as part of Visit Laos Year 2024.

The Director of the Vientiane Capital Information, Culture, and Tourism Department, Mrs. Vilayvone Chanthalaty, said that the department is monitoring the improvement of hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions as part of preparations to host important meetings during Laos’ ASEAN Chairmanship next year.

According to Mrs. Vilayvone, Vientiane Capital has allowed tourism operators to open 288 hotels with over 10,000 rooms to accommodate official guests and tourists visiting the country. The city currently also has over 270 guesthouses with over 6,000 rooms for visitors.

Mrs. Vilayvone added that the city has nine five-star hotels at the moment and there are plans to open three more by the end of 2023. Four-star and three-star hotels have also been inspected and certified by relevant ministries for the coming year.

Moreover, Vientiane Capital’s Tourism Department has been working with other departments to inspect and ensure that hotels have enough water and electricity, and measures are also in place to keep the city clean.

“We have been collaborating with other government agencies to ensure that hotels have adequate water and electricity and that the city, particularly parks and other public areas, are kept clean,” said Mrs. Vilayvone.

Mrs. Vilayvone further mentioned that the department is also focusing on renovating important tourist attractions in Vientiane Capital, such as Pha That Luang Stupa, Ho Phrakeo Museum, Sisaket Temple, Patuxai Monument, and other attractions.

Tourism companies have also been roped in by the government to develop tour plans that will be available at hotels for tourists to look at and plan their visits to other provinces from Vientiane Capital.

“We are dedicated to offering the highest quality services to all visitors so that they can appreciate the country’s distinctive culture and attractions, and have a lasting positive impression about Laos,” said Mrs. Vilayvone.

However, recently, many social media users in Vientiane Capital have expressed anger and frustration over the poor state of the city’s roads, urging the government to make road repairs a top priority.

A National Assembly member from Vientiane Capital has also urged tourism police to be more prompt in assisting tourists visiting Laos so that they can have a positive and safe experience in the country.

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