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Laos, Thailand Discusses Building Second Friendship Bridge in Vientiane to Boost Tourism

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Laos and Thailand discussed building a new Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge between Vientiane Province and Thailand’s Pak Chom District, Loei Province, to boost tourism, at the 20th Lao-Thai border security meeting on Sunday in Vang Vieng.

At a meeting led by Tawee Sermpakdeekul, the governor of Loei, and his deputy Narong Jeenam, and Khamphan Sithidampha, the governor of Laos’ Vientiane province, the discussion centered around tourism promotion, cultural exchanges, and economic, social, and security cooperation, with a focus on attracting Chinese tourists to both countries through the Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge in Pak Chom District.

The second friendship bridge project is expected to enhance tourism, trade, and investment between Laos and Thailand.

This strategic move came as a result of Thailand’s decision to implement a visa-free policy for Chinese visitors which prompted Laos to improve conditions in Muen District of Vientiane Province which is near Thailand’s Pak Chom District.

Mr. Tawee noted that Muen District could serve as a gateway to link popular attractions in both Loei and Vientiane Provinces, including a tourism route between Chiang Khan and Pak Chom districts in Loei to Vang Vieng and Feuang districts in Vientiane Province.

“We have a border checkpoint in Loei for tourists to cross from Pak Chom to Muen but Laos has only a temporary checkpoint. We will ask for cooperation from Laos to upgrade the checkpoint to be a permanent one by the end of this year,” said the Leoi District Governor.

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