Exhibition at That Luang Esplanade Showcases Lao Military Craftsmanship to Honor 75 Years of Service

(Photo: Pasaxon News)

The Lao People’s Army is commemorating its 75th founding anniversary with a series of activities, highlighting past achievements and its ongoing commitment to safeguarding the country. The celebrations have also seen high-profile visits, military exercises, and public displays.

On 15 January, President Thongloun Sisoulith visited the 5th Brigade based in Champasack Province, emphasizing the crucial link between comprehensive rural development and socio-economic growth. President Thongloun also urged collaboration at all levels to protect the nation, maintain peace, and enhance the force’s capabilities.

As part of the commemorations for the 75th anniversary of the army, Prime Minister Sonexay Siphandone and his delegation also visited Battalion 605 in Vientiane on 9 January.

In a demonstration of military strength and proficiency, units from the Ministry of National Defense gathered at the Kommadam Academy in Vientiane last week for a training exercise. The exercise included firing 122mm guns and BM-21 guns and employing stationary T-72 tanks to eliminate armored vehicles and target equipment.

In other provinces, military personnel conducted a weapons firing exercise as part of the anniversary celebrations to assess and showcase the commanders’ proficiency in leading personnel in the efficient utilization of weapons and specialized combat techniques.

As the celebration is underway, the Lao Air Force is planning a field display to showcase the versatile Giant 130 aircraft, used for both combat and training purposes. A special flight show will feature thematic inclusion of the Chinese People’s Air Force Red Dove aircraft, using nine GL8 jet aircraft to provide a captivating experience for the public.

The Ministry of National Defense is hosting an exhibition at the That Luang Esplanade from 12 to 18 January, showcasing products crafted and manufactured by military personnel.

The exhibition features 95 booths presenting products like clothing, handicrafts, medicines, construction equipment, vegetables, meat, fish, and various other items. This aims to highlight the collaboration between the Ministry of National Defense and the business sector in contributing to the celebration of the Lao People’s Army’s 75th anniversary.

Additionally, the exhibits offer a glimpse into the operations and endeavors of units and departments from the Lao army that have played a crucial role in safeguarding and fostering the nation’s progress in the past 75 years, from 20 January 1949 to 20 January 2024, and the insights of the Lao national liberation in 1975.

After the exhibition, on 19 January, a national celebration will be held at the National Convention Center. The event will be broadcast live on television and radio, with senior government officials participating in a walk at That Luang Marsh.

The Ministry of National Defense emphasized that the Lao military is not only focusing on defense but is also engaging in economic activities to promote self-sufficiency. These activities include producing essential items such as crops and livestock to feed troops across the country, contributing to agricultural output, and producing various goods necessary to support the daily activities of military personnel.