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Poor Household Prevalence Drops as Poverty Reduction Push Persists

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The extent of poor families in Laos has continued to decrease after the government and partners mobilised significant funding and efforts to infrastructure development for poverty reduction in priority districts.In the nine months of the year, the National Committee for Rural Development and Poverty Eradication (NCRDPE) has helped harness enhanced development and expansion in focus areas in fields of social and cultural affairs, education and health for poverty reduction.

Vientiane capital recorded just two families remaining in poverty from the 13 families noted in the beginning of the year, Head of Rural Development and Poverty Eradication Office Mr. Kongkeo Vongpaseuth revealed at a meeting held on Monday.

This figure represents just 0.001 percent of the capital’s total families according to the metrics utilised.

The province of Xieng Khuang was able to witness 67 families graduate from poverty, with some 911 families or 2.20 percent of total provincial families are still considered poor according to the definition.

Vientiane province was able to see some 178 poor families escape deprivation while 1,033 poor families or 1.29 percent of total provincial families remain so disadvantaged.

Meanwhile, Borikhamxay province could note poverty alleviated among some 93 families, with a remaining 2,163 poor families or 4.63 percent of total provincial families still facing a lack of necessary resources. The committee also revealed results of efforts including allocation of residential and cultivation areas, promotion of agricultural products for food security and nutrition, tourism and cultural promotion, skills development, clean water supply and development village declarations.

He said these implementations saw close collaboration by different concerned agencies from central and local authorities as well as support via funding by the government, international agencies and development partners.

The committee this year aims to reduce the extent of poverty nationwide from 76,604 families to 71,025 families, a reduction of at least 5,579 or 0.48 percent.

To achieve the target, the committee will continue to undertake priority works and improve implementation of rules on rural development and poverty eradication to be in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s direction.

The committee should boost cooperation and coordination with different agencies to achieve better development outcomes, he said. He said there are many rural areas including historic areas and districts known for their revolutionary heroism still requiring improvements but the government has limited funding to undertake necessary developments there.

As such, efforts from different sectors including government agencies, private sector operators, international organisations and development partners were still needed, he said.

Source: Vientiane Time

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