Road Accidents on the Rise


The number of road accidents increased while the number of deaths fell during this year’s boat racing festival, according to the Vientiane Traffic Police Department.

The department’s Deputy Director, Major Vilaphong Saneha, told Vientiane Times yesterday that 25 road accidents occurred in the capital from October 14-17 during this year’s festival.

The accidents claimed the lives of two people while another 37 people were injured, six seriously. Some 45 vehicles were also reported to have sustained varying degrees of damages.

Last year, 19 road accidents including four fatalities were recorded during the Vientiane Boat Racing Festival from October 26-28.

Another 26 people were injured and 39 vehicles were damaged.

Comparatively speaking the number of road accidents has continued to increase while the number of deaths has declined.

According to the department, this year the majority of victims were ordinary workers and students and most of the accidents occurred on Thadeua Road, Kaysone Phomvihane Road and Road No. 13 North.

The Vientiane Traffic Police Department’s latest report said that last week (October 10-16) 32 road accidents occurred in the capital in which four people died and 48 people were injured.

Meanwhile 62 vehicles were damaged with losses amounting to some 340 million kip.

Most of the accidents occurred in Sikhottabong, Hadxaifong, Xaythany and Chanthabouly districts.

The department also reported that in September 108 road accidents occurred in Vientiane, in which 22 people were killed including seven foreigners, those being one Thai, two Chinese and four Vietnamese nationals.

Some 74 people were injured including 21 seriously, and 230 vehicles were damaged with losses amounting to over 1.4 billion kip. Some 23 road accidents occurred in Xaythany district while 19 occurred in Chanthabouly district.

Most of the accidents involved motorbikes and occurred in the evening and at night. They were mostly caused by drivers who blatantly disobeyed the traffic rules, and either drove while drunk or at a reckless speed.



Source: Vientiane Times