Forty-three People Killed in Two Weeks of Accidents


In just a two week span from October 31 to November 13, there were 221 road accidents around the country, causing 43 fatalities, according to the Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Public Security.

The department told Vientiane Times on Friday that compared to the same period last month, the number of accidents dropped from 331 to 221, but the number of fatalities rose from 38 to 43.

Some 54 victims were left in a critical condition, 124 were seriously injured and 139 sustained minor injuries.

A total of 17 vehicles were written off, 183 sustained moderate damage and 172 sustained minor damage.

Vientiane topped the list with 62 accidents, killing eight people, while 84 people were injured and 123 vehicles were damaged.

This month saw festivities to mark the That Luang Festival, which meant a heavy increase in drunk driving.

Alcohol is recognised as being a major cause of road accidents and this year incidents of drunk driving are higher than ever.

According to the Traffic Police Department, motorbikes were involved in 95 percent of the accidents, with male drivers making up 90 percent of the fatalities.

The number of road accidents overall continues to increase. About 90 percent of accidents involve drunken driving, speeding and other violations of the traffic rules. Many accidents occur on weekends and special occasions when people get together to drink.

A recent accident occurred along T4 Road in Donkoy village, Sisattanak district, Vientiane, when a car and two motorbikes were involving a fatal collision while driving in opposite directions.

Mr Phaivanh, 32, from Phonsavanh village, Sisattanak district, died in the crash, while Mr Chanthasone, from Oudomphon village, Xaythany district, sustained moderate injuries.

Another incident occurred along Road 13 North in Songpeuay village, Naxaithong district, when a pickup and a motorbike were involved in a collision that killed the motorbike rider instantly.

Police said the pickup was travelling past Songpeuay market when it collided head-on with the motorbike. The deceased was named as Mr Vankham, 37, from Phonkhor village, Hadxaifong district.

Yet another accident occurred in Viengphoukha district, Luang Namtha province, when an excavator crushed a man after it fell off the back of a truck. The victim was identified as Mr Oudomxap, 32, from Nahom village, Namtha district. Police are continuing their investigations into all of the incidents.


Source: Vientiane Times