KOWEPO-LAO Launches in Laos


Known as one of the top power generating companies in the Republic of Korea, KOWEPO-LAO International Company Limited will continue to provide its best resources and efforts to fulfill its mission as well as co-contribute to the mutual growth of Laos and the Indochina peninsula.

This was the statement delivered by the Vice President of Korea Western Power Company, Mr Yung Chul Jung during the official opening ceremony of KOWEPO-Lao International Company Limited, held on Wednesday in Vientiane.

The meaningful event was attended by Minister of Energy and Mines, Dr Khammany Inthirath, Vice President of Electricite du Laos, Mr Duangsy Pharanhok, President of EDL-Gen, Ms Rattana Prathoumvanh, a representative from the Korean Embassy to Laos, Mr Sung Soo Park and other invited guests.

The KOWEPO-LAO International Company is a 100 percent subsidiary company of Korea Western Power.

KOWEPO-LAO International will operate the Xe Pian-Xe Namnoy Hydro Power Plant for 27 years which is located in Champassak and Attapeu provinces and the total capacity is 410 MW.

In his opening remarks, Mr Jung stressed that he and his team are looking forward to sharing their experiences of power generation with young Lao people as they will be working together for the long term operation of the plant.

“Today’s starting will become the milestone to cooperate in the power industry between KOWEPO and Lao power companies,” Mr Jung said.

Mr Jung said he strongly believed that young Lao engineers who joined the Operation and Maintenance Company will become the competent experts and great leaders so they can contribute to the promising future of Laos as they are going to experience and share the new high technology for hydro power plant together with the Korea Western Power Company.

“As you all know, KOWEPO is one of the leading power generation companies in Korea as we have many experiences in the field of power generation through various projects such as coal-fired, oil-fired, combined cycle and hydro power plants in Korea and many other countries,” Mr Jung said.

“There is still a long journey ahead of us and there are many challenges to overcome. But I assure you that KOWEPO-LAO International will do their best with their assignments as well as contribute to the Lao government,” Mr Jung added.

Dr Khammany said Xe Pian-Xe Namnoy Hydro Project is the first case that a Korean company invested into the power industry in Laos.

“The success of this project contributes to building a strong relationship and creating mutual benefits between the two countries,” he said.

Dr Khammany said he expected that new business opportunities can be created in the Indochina peninsula including Laos by the success of the project.

He highlighted that annual rainfall is about 2,000 millimeters and the Mekong river runs along the Laos borderline.

“Electricity is Laos’s third largest export earner. The country also has a plan to export about 80 percent of total power capacity,” he said.

“Neighbouring countries of Laos have steadily kept economic growth and they continuously need a power supply,” Dr Khammany added.

Besides hydropower, KOWEPO can consider other power resource like coal and renewable energy. Renewable energy may be prospective although development conditions are insufficient until now.

Mentioning KOWEPO-LAO International Company, the company has three steps of strategy developing projects in Laos, including establishing operation and maintenance in Laos, finding new operation and maintenance projects in Lao, and developing through the new power business including construction management, operation, maintenance, technical services in Laos.

Korea Western Power Company is owned by the Republic of Korea’s government and their total generation capacity is 11,808 MW.

The Korea Western Power Company produces and supplies electricity. It focuses on thermal, wind, solar, hydro, fuel, and combined cycle projects in Republic of Korea and internationally.

Korea Western Power Company is doing operation and maintenance service in overseas countries like Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Indonesia, India and developing new power projects in more than five countries.

Korea Western Power Company has the Integrated Project Development and Management Solutions including investment, project development, financing, construction management, operations, maintenance, and technical services in overseas power business.

KOWEPO-LAO International Company is located on Khouvieng Road at Vientiane Centre 9th Floor, Vientiane Capital. E-mail: koyounho@gmail.com

Source: Vientiane Times

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