Food Park Opens in Vientiane City Center


Gone are the days of not knowing where to eat, thanks to M-Park food and beverage park. Situated in the city center of Vientiane Capital, directly across from Xayoh Grill House, this charming food park offers an array of delicious food and beverage stalls, all in one alluring open-aired location at an affordable price.

With fairy lights strung from above, guests can unwind after a long day (Mondays. Am I right?) with a drink and some tasty food under the Vientiane sky. With over 20 stalls set up, patrons can indulge in cheesy fries, tacos, hot pot, ramen, seafood, traditional Lao food, and a variety of desserts.

Filled your stomach but not ready to go home? No problem, chill out at one of the beverage stalls including C Plus Fruit Juice or Dood Nom Milkshake Bar. Though most stalls sell beer, if something stronger is needed, The Lab, Dexter Crime Scene Bar and Tony Mix Cocktail are just a few bars on the premises that can quench your adult beverage thirst.


This park specializes in diverse food and beverage carts, so you won’t find any clothing stalls or electronic booths here. Whether you’re just visiting for a few days, hosting some out-of-town friends, or just want a place to hang out after work, M-Park will take the stress out of your decision making.

The park offers free WIFI and is located on Rue Samsenthai, near the  National Cultural Hall, M-Park stalls generally are ready to start serving at 17:30 and close down around 23:30. There is ample seating and parking, however if you have a large group, prepare to arrive early to find seating together. Checking forecasts beforehand is recommended.

Photos: M-Park