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Lao Travel Agents Told to Stop Tours to South Korea, Virus Outbreak Areas

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Lao health authorities have told travel agents in the country to suspend package tours to areas where the new coronavirus has been reported, especially South Korea.

The decision came after a significant increase of confirmed cases of the virus in South Korea, where the number topped more than 1,100 as of February 26.

Lao Airlines also decided to halt its flights to South Korea from March amid massive cancellations from passengers over coronavirus concerns.

Three South Korean budget airlines, namely T’way Air, Air Busan, and Jin Air, halted their flights between Laos and South Korea until end of March, also citing concerns over the virus.

Several international flights have also suspended their flights to South Korea; Air Asia X and Vietnam’s Bamboo Airways have stopped flying to Seoul.

No major airlines in the United States have canceled flights to Seoul as they have done with flights to China and Hong Kong. But Delta, United, and American Airlines have all issued travel waivers for flights to South Korea.

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