Laos and Thailand Beef over Fishy Pageant Costumes

Laos and Thailand beef over fishy pageant costumes

The national dress worn by Miss Grand Laos 200 has come under fire for its similarity to that worn as the national costume of Miss Universe Thailand 2020.

Drama has erupted between observers from both countries after the Lao design appeared almost identical to the design of the Miss Universe Thailand costume, made to represent a fighting fish, Kapook reports.

The Lao fighting fish costume was designed by Thai designer Khamphi Alangkarn, the same designer who created the costume that saw On-anong Homsombat capture the national costume gong at the Miss Universe 2018 pageant.

Khamphi stated to Thai media, however, that he came up with the idea two years ago, prior to the Thai Miss Universe design being created.

Nevertheless, some observers say the designer of the Miss Grand Laos costume should have been able to create a variety of fish costumes, and they should be distinct from Miss Universe Thailand’s national costume.

Some Thais claim the fighting fish is the national aquatic animal of Thailand, despite the animal sharing its native habitat among many countries in Southeast Asia.

Despite the copycat design, Miss Universe Thailand 2020 has confirmed that she will wear the Siamese Fighting Fish costume for the 69th Miss Universe Competition on 16 May 2021 in Florida, United States, where Christina Lasasimma is to represent Laos.

Meanwhile, the Final Show of Miss Grand International 2020 competition has been scheduled for 27 March 2021 at Bangkok, Thailand.