Vientiane Avoids Full Lockdown, New Covid Prevention Measures Apply

Laos to Loosen Lockdown Measures in a bid to Restart Economy

Vientiane Capital has avoided going into full lockdown, however, recent covid prevention measures will still apply, according to a notice issued by the Prime Minister’s Office yesterday evening.

The notice states that while the capital will not go into lockdown, the Covid prevention measures outlined in previous notices issued by various ministries over the last few days will remain in effect.

“After investigation, contact tracing, and risk assessment following the activities of Case 50, it is the opinion of the National Taskforce for Covid-19 Prevention and Control that the current situation can be contained, and therefore there will be no order to close the borders to entry and exit of Vientiane Capital, as this would negatively affect society,” the notice reads.

Taskforces at every level are to continue monitoring the situation and implementing Covid-19 prevention measures in accordance with notices issued by the Prime Minister’s Office and the National Taskforce.

Residents are being urged to avoid travel during this time, and all events and gatherings where social distancing cannot be maintained have been prohibited, while small, family weddings will be allowed.

Authorities in Laos ordered the temporary closure of all entertainment venues such as pubs and nightclubs across the country, which will remain in effect until the end of April.

Prime Minister's Office Notice on Lockdown Prime Minister's Office Notice on Lockdown

The notice instructs Vientiane Capital authorities to coordinate with relevant authorities and issue further guidance for residents.

A 41-year-old Thai national was confirmed as the 50th case of Covid-19 in Laos, just a few days before Lao New Year celebrations were to begin. It is believed that the man may have entered the country illegally, and therefore could have restarted local transmission of the coronavirus in Vientiane.

So far those known to have had contact with the man have tested negative for Covid-19, according to the National Taskforce.