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Villagers’ Homes Destroyed by Storm in Salavanh Province

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Houses in Phonephai Village, Salavanh District, Salavanh Province, were badly damaged by stormy weather yesterday evening.

A storm ripped through the village at approximately 10 pm last night, badly damaging villagers’ homes.

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Villagers’ homes were destroyed by the storm.

Some houses were completely destroyed, while others lost rooftops and fencing, while trees were blown over and debris scattered across the area.


Storm warnings were issued by the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology in recent days as Tropical Storm Conson has been making its way from the South China Sea to the coast of Vietnam.

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Residents in at-risk areas have been urged to move their families and belongings to higher ground and prepare for floods.

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Heavy rains have already flooded parts of Laos, with the tropical storm expected to worsen conditions.

Kenthao District in Xayaboury Province saw the Namheuang River burst its banks on Friday, with residents evacuated due to rising floodwaters.

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