Vientiane Mayor Issues Order Banning Loud Music

Vientiane Capital bans loud music.
The mayor of Vientiane Capital has issued an order banning loud music.

The Mayor of Vientiane Capital has issued a new order banning loud music that disturbs neighbors or families nearby.

The order, issued Wednesday, takes aim at individuals and entertainment venues who cause noise pollution by playing loud music.

Individuals or other entities, including restaurants and entertainment venues, may not play loud music and disturb neighbors or members of their own families by playing loud music unless authorized by local authorities.

However, authorized events must ensure the level of noise does not go beyond the decibel limit determined by law. Event organizers must also ensure that sound equipment is turned off or that musicians stop playing by 11 pm.

Authorities have issued the order following an overwhelming number of complaints in recent years regarding noise pollution caused by loud music.

Those who violate the regulations will face fines of up to LAK 3 million, as well as having their sound equipment or musical instruments confiscated. Repeat offenders could face prosecution, according to the order.

Meanwhile, the order also clearly states that officials and authority figures who ignore or fail to address complaints by residents will be disciplined and could face prosecution.

Several hotline numbers have been set up for receiving complaints regarding noise pollution in Vientiane Capital, with residents able to lodge complaints with the Vientiane Capital Public Security Office on 020 2889974, 020 55609035, or the Vientiane Capital Department of Information, Culture, and Tourism on 020 52555512.