Lao-China Railway Carries Over 400,000 Passengers to Destinations

Passengers arriving to a destination.

The Lao-China railway has transported over 400,000 passengers in the past six months.

The railway has recorded about 410,000 passengers traveling on the train since it opened. Meanwhile 640,000 tons of goods were transported across the Laos-China border, Vientiane Times reports

The railway has been a significant turning point in Laos’ international transportation network, and its role in freight transport is growing in importance.

A high-speed EMU train, dubbed “Lane Xang,” and a standard train have been added to the fleet, allowing for more passengers at a wider range of ticket prices.

The train travels six times a day on average, with a maximum of eight journeys per day and a daily capacity of 5,000 passengers.

Tickets can now be purchased ahead of time, and ticket offices have been set up in major cities to facilitate the process.

However, even as the number of passengers and train stations has grown, Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang have not see an increase in domestic tourists. 

Domestic tourists have instead turned to international destinations after spending almost three years locked in Laos. 

Vang Vieng District Governor, Mr. Bounchan Malavong, said during an interview with Lao National Radio that despite an increase in visitors from South Korea and Thailand, the overall number of tourists arriving in Vang Vieng has fallen.