National Assembly Suggests Extending Visa Duration to Attract Tourists

Laos EVisa Program Planned for June Implementation
Laos EVisa Program Planned for June Implementation

The Vice President of the National Assembly proposes extending visas for visitors in order to revive tourism following the effects of Covid-19.

Mr. Khambai Damlat, Vice President of the National Assembly, said on Monday during the National Assembly Session that in order to better facilitate the implementation of the Green Tourism Plan and to open the country to visitors, the length of tourist visas should be extended in order to attract more tourists and bring more foreign currency to Laos.

The pilot project to establish green tourism areas has provided insight into the state of tourism in the country, demonstrating how Covid-19 control measures have made travel to Laos more difficult and more expensive.

The development of tourism infrastructure, tourism promotion, and the empowering of tourism personnel are the three main objectives the government has identified for the sector’s development.

Last month’s notice issued by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides an update on the latest visa-on-arrival fees for tourists of different origins.

According to the notice, tourist visas provided on arrival at international checkpoints will cost USD 40 for foreigners of all nationalities, except for Chinese and Vietnamese nationals.

Chinese or Vietnamese citizens applying for a visa on arrival to Laos will be charged only USD 20.