Mother Kills Newborn in Luang Namtha


A young single mother was apprehended in the beginning of July for killing her newborn in Nam Bak district.

Lao Security News reports that a female newborn baby was found dead on the outskirts of the district.

A 22-year-old single mother admitted that she strangled the baby because she had no knowledge of the newborn’s father.

The woman told police that she had previously worked in a factory before moving on to work as an escort in entertainment venues. However, the woman said, she used contraception with her customers.

According to a notice issued by the Ministry of Health, induced abortion is now permitted under the new legislation for various reasons, including for those whose contraceptives have failed.

Furthermore, induced abortions are legal in cases when the pregnant person has medical issues including cardiovascular problems, neurological disease, cancer, kidney or liver disease, and diabetes.

Abortions are also now legal for reasons which concern the long-term health of the child, such as mental health conditions, heart conditions, or exposure to toxins or radioactivity.

Rape victims, minors, and those who have had more than four children or who come from poor households are also eligible for abortion.