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Vientiane Capital Floods Again Following Heavy Rains

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Several districts in Vientiane Capital have seen flash flooding after heavy rains swept across Laos yesterday evening.

The heavy downpour in the early hours of the morning has left vehicles stranded and homes completely inundated as knee-deep waters flow through the city.

While Vientiane has seen rare flooding over the past few weeks, this morning’s floodwaters seem more widespread, covering several districts, with more of the nation’s capital now submerged.

A man surveys the floodwaters in his home from the safety of the staircase
A man surveys the floodwaters in his Vientiane home from the safety of the staircase.

Roadways across the city became small rivers this morning, with the Xaylom area in Chanthabouly District seeing water levels reaching residents’ knees.  Smaller streets and laneways near the Vientiane Center Shopping Mall were also completely inundated.


Phontong experienced waist-deep water levels in some areas, while the That Luang intersection, ASEAN Road, and 450 Years roads have been inundated as well.

Mayor of Vientiane Capital, Mr. Atsaphangthong Siphandone, visited flood-affected communities in Sikhottabong District on 8 August, ordering local authorities to try to resolve the problem.


The city’s municipal officials have admitted that flooding occurs due to blocked drains which have not been cleared because of budget constraints.

Attempts have been made to clear obstructed drains since flash flooding occurred earlier this month, however.

The monsoon season this year has seen large amounts of rain, causing several hydropower dams across the country to release water, with some downstream communities being warned to move livestock and belongings to higher ground.

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