Laos-China Railway Revises its Parking Fees at Vientiane Station

Vientiane Railway Station
Vientiane Railway Station (Photo: Doug).

After a public uproar regarding the charges levied on vehicles when picking or dropping off passengers, Boten Frontier Services Limited has decided to waive some of them.

The car park operator realized that this measure was causing long queues to enter the station and adding to the operating costs of taxi drivers, so charges will be waived for vehicles picking up/dropping off passengers.

Parking fees at the Vientiane railway station were put into place on 12 September. Motorcycles were charged LAK 5,000, vehicles with less than seven seats had to pay LAK 10,000, and LAK 30,000 was the parking rate for buses. For overnight parking, all vehicles have to pay LAK 80,000. At the moment, Boten Frontier Services Limited is also considering reducing its overnight parking fees.

Plans are also in place to install payment machines at cark park and provide motorcycle parking. Public toilets will soon be accessible outside the station with a fee of LAK 3,000 per person. More cleaners and management staff will also be hired by the company so that people waiting in long lines to purchase tickets have access to toilets and have a hassle-free experience while traveling.