Lao Singer Jumps From Bridge in Apparent Suicide

Mor lam singer believed dead in Champasack
Singer Inteng Keobouala is believed to have jumped to her death from a bridge in Champasack.

A 30-year-old singer is believed to have jumped to her death from a bridge yesterday in Champasack Province, southern Laos.

Police responded to a call from witnesses who saw the woman jump from the Laos-Japan Bridge spanning the Mekong River at approximately 10 am. An empty vehicle was found at the scene, registered to Ms. Inteng Keobouala, a well-known Mor lam singer.

Nearby fishermen immediately provided assistance in the search for the woman’s body, while emergency services volunteers were called to join the effort.

Early reports suggest that Ms. Inteng, a resident of Phonthong District in Champasack Province, may have taken her life due to financial debts.

A post leaked to Facebook believed to be a suicide note sends apologies to the singer’s parents, siblings, colleagues, and husband, as well as to those who had loaned her money.

The search for Ms. Inteng has entered its second day, while authorities have yet to recover her body.