BCEL One Now Allows Overseas Funds Transfers

Woman performing financial business on her mobile device (photo: Experian)

BCEL One has recently implemented a new “SWIFT Transfer” function that allows users to transfer and receive money from all around the world using SWIFT on the BCEL One application.

Customers with a bank account registered with BCEL One can now transfer money internationally and receive money from banks all over the world through SWIFT, which is an internationally standardized system, according to the BCEL website.

BCEL Bank’s Facebook post also suggested that the system allows customers to transfer up to a maximum of LAK 100 million (about USD 5767.37) per transaction. One can also check their transfer status in real-time through the SWIFT GPI system.

For further queries or issues, the mobile application also provides a modern after-sales service option which one could easily avail without having to visit the bank.

A user must access “SWIFT Transfer” in the BCEL One Application to set up a transfer. They have to choose the currency to which the transfer would be made, enter the transfer amount, enter the SWIFT CODE, enter the recipient’s bank information as requested, enter the sender’s information, mention the transaction’s purpose, and then select a method of payment. The application will then take the user to the page where they must confirm their payment.

Currently, the application allows users to transfer money in US Dollars, Thai Baht, Australian Dollars, Japanese Yen, Euro, Chinese Yuan, British Pound, and Vietnamese Dồng.

Last month, BCEL also announced MoneyGram as a gateway for customers to receive international bank transfers directly into their bank accounts.