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Laos’ Nam Et-Phou Louey Listed Among Best Night Safaris Globally

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Condé Nast Traveler published an article last week on the ten best night safaris in the world, and Laos was the only country from Southeast Asia that made it to the list.

The article featured night safaris from countries like Australia, Tanzania, Ecuador’s Amazon, India, as well as Laos’ national protected park, “Nam Et-Phou Louey.”

The night safari in Laos was recommended as one of the best places to “enjoy the animal kingdom’s after-dark excitement—up to 70 percent of species are active from dusk to dawn, after all—with a soft place to land and dine between excursions.”

According to the article, the park offers “an evening boat ride, followed by a hike and dinner by a campfire, then the ultimate twilight treats: floating down the river beneath a blanket of darkness—with only one torchlight per boat to illuminate the potential leopards, porcupines, and gibbons en route.”

The suggested tour wraps up with a stay in one of the traditional Lao bungalows at the Park Ecolodge.

“Local guides run the tour with support from partners like the Wildlife Conservation Society; this tourism model encourages park-adjacent communities to protect the region’s endangered species,” says Condé Nast Traveler.

Laos has garnered a lot of international acclaim recently after being featured in 2023 travel articles by renowned publications including CNNNational GeographicWanderlust, Traveler’s List, and Fodor’s.

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