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Air Pollution Reaches Hazardous Levels in Vientiane Capital

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Residents of Vientiane awoke to a dangerous haze of smoky smog this morning, while air quality in various provinces across Laos has reached dangerous levels as well.

As concerns grow over the deteriorating air quality, residents have begun posting regular updates online regarding local levels of atmospheric particulate matter (PM).

Reports suggest that this latest cloud of smoke began to appear above Vientiane yesterday evening, leading to poor visibility.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) has been issuing daily updates regarding air quality levels, and has recommended that those sensitive to PM 2.5 remain indoors or wear a mask when outdoors.

Air quality at hazardous levels according to IQAir.
Air quality at hazardous levels according to IQAir.

Air quality today has reached levels considered dangerous for human health, according to readings from Swiss air quality technology company, IQAir.

Those exposed to the smog this morning have reported symptoms including soreness of eyes and sinuses, shortness of breath, and headaches.

The possibility of rain over the next few days could provide some respite for the capital, if not the other provinces, depending on where it falls.

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