Major Road Upgrade Project in Vientiane to Be Completed by March 2025

Sikhai-Sikeuth road upgrade. (Photo: Lao National Radio)

Residents and motorists traveling between Sikhai village in Sikhottabong district and Sikeuth village in Naxaithong district, Vientiane, can anticipate smoother journeys as the road upgrade project progresses steadily toward its anticipated completion by March 2025.

Photthisack Phearxayvongsack, the Project Construction Manager at Tangchaleun Group Co., Ltd., reassured the public that all works are on schedule despite ongoing road works. He urged local residents and motorists to remain patient and exercise caution while passing through the area.

According to Latsamy Aliyavongsing, Deputy Director General of the Roads Department of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, and the project director, the current phase involves installing drainage channels to mitigate flooding risks ahead of the rainy season. The drainage installation is expected to be completed by the end of May this year.

“We will coordinate with electricity, water supply, and telecom companies in the removal of equipment and obstructions along the road so that work can proceed as planned,” stated Latsamy, as reported by the Vientiane Times.

The ongoing work includes drainage pipe installation in the Nongtaeng-Sikeuth area and road clearance operations in the Nong Nongniew-Nalao-Thongpong area of Sikhottabong district. Road crews are also widening and resurfacing segments of the road, preparing it for concrete paving similar to the quality of the Sikeuth-Phonhong section.

However, the road widening process has required the removal or demolition of properties belonging to local residents along the route. Compensation totaling LAK 19.8 billion was provided to those who forfeited 659 plots of land and buildings. Nonetheless, many individuals are experiencing a decline in earnings due to the impact on their roadside shops and businesses.

The road upgrade forms part of broader enhancements to sections of National Highway No. 13. This project aims to widen a 6-kilometer stretch of Road No. 13 North between the Sikhai junction and the Sikeuth intersection into four traffic lanes, enhancing connectivity with Road No. 13 North on the Sikeut-Phonhong route.

Upon completion, the road will feature four lanes with a 2-meter-wide median strip and dedicated motorbike lanes on each side. Additionally, 1.5-meter-wide sidewalks will be constructed on either side, expanding the road’s total width to 23 meters.

This upgraded road will seamlessly link with ongoing enhancements on the 58-kilometer section of Road No. 13 North between Sikeuth village in Naxaithong district and Phonhong district in Vientiane Province.

National Road 13 serves as Laos’ primary arterial link to neighboring countries, spanning a total length of 1,500km. It plays a crucial role in transporting goods between Vietnam and Thailand, while also facilitating connections with China in the north and Cambodia in the south.