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Thai Robber Apprehended in Laos After Bangkok Robbery

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Lao authorities apprehended a Thai man in Khammouane Province on 7 July for conspiring with an accomplice to steal THB 3.3 million (about USD 90,700) from a victim in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Police Bureau identified one of the suspects as 35-year-old Nantaporn “Ball” Piantamdee, who has a history of serious offenses and has been arrested multiple times in the past.

Ball’s latest crime took place on 3 July when he and his accomplice targeted 44-year-old Yanai Taechathanabut, shortly after the victim withdrew a substantial sum of money near a supermarket in Bangkok’s Suan Luang district.

The suspects then confronted him after the withdrawal, forced their way into his vehicle, seized the bag containing the money, and quickly escaped on a motorcycle.

After carrying out the crime, Ball fled to Laos, the country where he had previously robbed a gold shop on 1 July before fleeing to Thailand. However, Ball’s escape was short-lived, as Lao authorities captured him on 7 July.

As Ball also committed a crime in Laos, he will face local justice before being transferred to Thailand to answer for his crimes. The accomplice remains at large.

International media reports that Ball is wanted for two previous cases: one in November 2008, where he allegedly robbed two university students and kidnapped and sexually assaulted a female student, and another in December 2023, where he attacked a woman sleeping in her minivan, sexually harassed her, and stole her car. Ball evaded arrest in both cases until his recent capture.

Meanwhile, Thai officers are also investigating the source of the victim’s THB 3.3 million (about USD 90,700) to determine its legality.

Back in April, two Japanese individuals, alleged members of a Yakuza group, were also reported to be at large in Laos. Their involvement in the murder and dismemberment of a fellow Japanese man in Nonthaburi province, Thailand, has prompted a joint effort between Thai and Lao officials to secure their extradition after they fled to Laos. 

However, there have been no new reports regarding whether the Japanese men have been arrested.

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