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Experts Warn Asian Elephants Need a New Alternative

Once known as ‘Lane Xang’, or the land of a million elephants, the Asian elephant population in Laos has decreased by almost half in the past 30 years

New research by French scientists and conservation experts examines how elephant populations depend heavily on the socio-economic practices of a country.


NRA Aims to Clear UXO From 50,000 Hectares

The National Regulatory Authority (NRA) for the UXO/Mine Action segment has set an objective to clear and eradicate unexploded ordnances on 53,737 hectares of land from 2017-2021.

The target was announced at Wednesday’s 2018 work design meeting on the prioritization of UXO surveys, clearance, mine risk education and victim assistance.

Red Cross Urges Public for Blood Donations

In an effort to secure an adequate blood supply for the country, Red Cross officials are urging people to donate blood due to the rising demand in medical situations.

According to a Red Cross official, in order to maintain an adequate blood supply,  at least 1% of the population in

JCV Increases Healthcare Aid in Laos


Thanks to Japanese Committee for Vaccination (JCV), mothers-to-be and children under five in rural areas of Champassak province have seen improvement in their health due to having proper access to immunizations.

JCV has granted more than US$1.7 million in assistance to Laos through UNICEF since 2007, aiding hundreds of thousands

Super Malaria Emerges as a Global Threat

Dengue Fever Laos 2017

A new form of malaria outbreak has spread rapidly across Southeast Asian countries, alarming doctors and scientists alike. Referred to as “super malaria”, medical professionals are warning that this particular form of  malaria parasite is immune to the typical anti-malaria drug and has become a global threat.

An estimated 212

Khammuan Districts Struggle with Doksuri Aftermath

Though tropical storm Doksuri has since dissipated since making landfall on September 15th, villagers in Khammuan province are still dealing with the aftermath of it’s destruction.

According to Khammuan authorities, floodwaters have submerged six districts of the province after Doksuri tore through last week, with many of its villages still

Mahosot to be Upgraded to International Standards

With expenses being backed by the Chinese government, the century-old Mahosot Hospital will be completely rebuilt starting the end of this year, with a completion date set for 2022.

Built in 1910, Mahosot Hospital was the first facility of its kind in the country and was run by French doctors.

Typhoon Doksuri Wreaks Havoc in Neighboring Countries, Laos Urged to Take Safety Precautions

Hailed as Vietnam’s ‘most powerful storm in a decade’, Tropical Typhoon Doksuri made landfall in Central Vietnam today Friday, September 15th, leaving 4 dead and 10 injured.

The cyclone touched down in Ha Tinh province, with maximum sustained winds of 135 kilometers per hour, and wind gusts reaching up to