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Underage Drinking a Growing Problem for Laos

Underage Drinking in Laos

Alcohol is cheap, available, and extremely accessible in Laos, where children can freely purchase it without the bat of an adult eyelid.

According to Phonchan Saengphouvan of the Vientiane Capital Information, Culture and Tourism Department, underage drinking is common at restaurants and bars across the country.

“A lack of strict …

Majority of Mental Health Issues Remain Untreated in Laos


Like all countries, the number of Lao citizens who suffer from mental health issues are abundant. However, due to the lack of treatment options readily available to patients, 41,000 people in Laos live with their mental health issues untreated.

Socio-economic development is vital to the improvement of people’s daily lives,

Dengue Fever Outbreak Far From Over

Dengue Fever Laos 2017

The fight against dengue fever in the capital is proving to be an uphill battle, as the figure of outbreaks reported has more than doubled in just one month.

Dengue fever cases in Vientiane have inflated from 332 to 696 cases just from May thru June of this year, with

Mother and Children Hospital Equipped to Handle Difficult Pregnancies by 2018


Expectant mothers who experience a ‘difficult pregnancy’ will no longer have to seek medical facilities across the border into neighboring countries anymore.

A ‘difficult pregnancy’ is a broader term that can lead to a ‘high risk pregnancy’, which in some cases can potentially put the mother, the developing fetus,

Prime Minister Urges Unity to Tackle Illegal Drug Trade


Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith has implored for Lao citizens to unite in an effort to join the global fight against the illegal drug trade.

Monday, June 26, 2017 marked the 30th anniversary of the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

In an effort to crack down on the

16 Human Trafficking Cases Reported in 5 Months

human trafficking in lao villages

Despite the spotlight that has illuminated the dark world of human trafficking the past decade, the crime of bartering people against their will is still one of the most extensive transnational crimes women and young girls and boys fall victim to. It involves denying people of their rights as humans

Vaccinations Mandatory by Law in 2018


Under the government’s policy to provide effective health services, children and expectant mothers will soon be required to be vaccinated by law. Parents and legal guardians will be in violation of the law, that is expected to come into effect late 2018,  if their children don’t receive all of their

Seatbelts Now Compulsory on Vientiane Roads


While regulations on seatbelt use have existed since 2013, the law has rarely been enforced. Recently, however, Vientiane residents have begun receiving fines from diligent police for failure to buckle up.  

According to Article 18 of the Law on Land Traffic, drivers and passengers of vehicles with four