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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Three More COVID-19 Patients Discharged From Hospital, 12 Remaining

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Three more COVID-19 patients have been discharged from Vientiane’s Mittaphab Hospital in Laos, leaving only 12 remaining cases in the country.

According to a press release by the Task Force Committee for Prevention and Control of Covid-19, three patients were discharged from hospital yesterday after twice testing negative for the coronavirus. They are case 1, case 11, and case 15.

Case 1, Laos’ first confirmed COVID-19 patient, is a 28-year-old hotel employee and resident of Vientiane’s Chansavang Village, who contracted the virus during his travels to Thailand. He was first admitted to the hospital on 24 March.

Case 11 is a 55-year-old male mining employee company and a citizen of Papua New Guinea. He is the first foreign national to have completed successful treatment from Laos. He was first admitted to the hospital on 5 April.

Case 15 is a 20-year-old female student and resident of Chommany Village in Vientiane. She was first admitted to the hospital on 7 April.

A total of 12 patients remain in care, one in Luang Prabang Provincial Hospital and 11 in Vientiane’s Mittaphab Hospital. The patients are said to be in stable condition with minor symptoms.

As of 24 April, local and provincial authorities are monitoring 1,035 individuals held in 263 provincial quarantine centers and another 788 in self-isolation in their homes throughout the country. Most of these are returning Lao workers from Thailand.

To date, the Lao government has tested a total of 1,661 people and found 19 to be positive for COVID-19. So far, seven have recovered.

While Laos has not reported any new cases for 13 consecutive days, the government is urging citizens to continue to obey Prime Ministerial Order No.6/PM, which has been extended to 3 May.

Anyone with symptoms similar to those of COVID-19 must call the hotline numbers specific to their provinces. Expenses related to testing and subsequent treatment are wholly covered by the government.

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