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Drug Trafficking Suspect Detonates Grenade, Killing Himself, Two Police Officers in Xayaboury

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During a police operation in Phieng District, Xayaboury Province, a suspected drug dealer detonated a grenade, resulting in his death and the loss of two police officers’ lives.

As part of a morning crackdown, a team of 13 police officers arrived at the residence of 21-year-old Jianeng Yang, who was allegedly a drug dealer according to social media reports.

As the officers surrounded the premises at 5:20 am to make an arrest, Jianeng suddenly emerged from his house, sprinting towards the police while unwrapping a grenade. Tragically, before the officers could react, the bomb detonated in a devastating explosion.

The blast resulted in the immediate deaths of both Jianeng and one of the police officers. Another officer sustained serious injuries during the incident, and despite being rushed to a local hospital, he succumbed to those injuries later.

The notice from the local public security department hasn’t yet provided any details about the specific type of grenade that was used.

Following the incident, the remains of the deceased suspect and the injured police officer were swiftly transported to a local hospital.

Last year, three police officers in Luang Prabang lost their lives while trying to apprehend a drug dealer who blew himself up to escape arrest.

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