Four People Killed by Explosive During Dinner Gathering in Luang Prabang

Bomb Explosion Kills Four, Injure Two During Dinner Gathering
A type of hand grenade. (Photo: AP/Kevin Frayer)

Four people were killed, and two were severely injured, when a grenade went off during a dinner gathering in Nam Bak district, Luang Prabang Province on Wednesday.

According to early reports, the incident occurred when the owner of the house, Lieutenant Sonephet (last name retracted) brought out a grenade to show his colleagues while they were having dinner.

Sonephet then took out the pin of the grenade but forgot to put it back causing it to explode, instantly killing Sonephet and two other people, Sergeant Major Onchan of the police force, and Captain Thongphan from the army.

Another person only identified as Chan, a civilian, who was at the gathering was taken to the hospital but succumbed to his injuries soon after.

The two people who were severely injured were identified as Army officer Captain Saksavanh, and Tip, wife of the deceased Sergeant Major Onchan. Information on the current condition of the two injured has not yet been released to the media.

Authorities are also yet to confirm the type of grenade that exploded during this incident.

Meanwhile, earlier this month during a police crackdown in Phieng District, Xayaboury Province, a suspected drug dealer detonated a grenade, resulting in his death and the loss of two police officers’ lives.