Baby Elephant ‘Noy’ Passes Away at Conservation Center

Elephant Calf Born in Laos Signifies Progress in Conservation Efforts
The elephant calf along with the mother in it's natural habitat. (Photo: ECC)

The youngest elephant calf at the Elephant Conservation Center (ECC), named Noy, was tragically announced dead on 5 October, leaving both the ECC team and social media users deeply saddened. 

As the center made the announcement they praised the dedicated team that worked tirelessly to nurture and protect the calf, which was born earlier in August.

“When he was born, he was very weak; he could not stand up, and he was very sick for three days,” Anabel Lopez Perez, head of research and education at the ECC, told The Laotian Times.

Despite initial complications at birth, Noy was saved by the ECC staff and immediately formed a strong bond with its human caretakers.

The cause of death is currently unknown, according to Lopez

“We have some suspicions, but we are not a hundred percent sure yet,” she said. “We still need to wait for a different test to confirm what the cause of the death is, and it may take one or two months.”

Lopez added that until the cause is determined, preventative measures for similar deaths are limited. 

“The loss of this baby elephant has left our entire team in deep emotional distress,” the ECC’s announcement stated. “Over the past month, our dedicated team of caregivers, veterinarians, and mahouts poured their hearts and souls into nurturing and protecting this little one, working tirelessly day and night to ensure his well-being.”

Social media users have also expressed their sadness and offered condolences to the ECC team, highlighting the heartbreaking nature of Noy’s passing.