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ITECC Mall Hosts Top Thai Brands 2017 Trade Fair June 7-11

trade fair

For the first time in Laos, ITECC Mall will host the Top Thai Brands 2017 trade fair, with over 300 booths stocked and displayed with quality products from Thailand.

Held in the old building, the trade fair is scheduled to run in Vientiane from June 7-11, and not only aims

Popular Lao Enterprise Still Involved in Illicit Activity With Public Funds


PS Lao Enterprise, a company that produces food items such as meat, fish, rice, drinking water and imports various grocery and consumer products in Laos, has been in hot water for some time now, as it has continuously failed to issue full dividends to its shareholders as originally promised.


Linfox Expands Operations into Laos


Lao Logistics Group has officially signed a Joint Venture agreement with Linfox, a Melbourne-based transport company, making it the first foreign logistics company to establish operations in Laos.

Linfox is Australia’s largest privately owned logistics company that has rapidly expanded into Asian and New Zealand markets. The company currently has

Café Amazon PTT Franchise Seeks to Dominate Lao Market


By now, PTT and Café Amazon have become a recognizable brand to the people of Laos. With already 25 Café Amazon outlets operated by PTT Lao, PTT  Thailand has a plan to further expand its master franchise of Café Amazon in the Lao market, with a target set at 38

Is Laos Finally Getting a Krispy Kreme?

king food

Great news for foodies who have to travel to Bangkok just to get their Krispy Kreme fix . King Food Group Co, a Thai-based company owned by the Mahagitsiri family, has announced that they are looking to enter the food market in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV), bringing along

Why Do The Chinese Come to Laos?

Chinese Come to Laos

The number of Chinese immigrants to Laos increases daily, with men and women who struggled to succeed in rapidly developing China now seeking new lives for themselves in Laos. More than wealth or opportunity, these Chinese business people wish to begin anew in a country where life moves at a …

Small But Steady: Lao Businesses Expanding Abroad

Lao Business

When people think of Laos, they think of a third world country that has been somewhat eclipsed by larger, surrounding nations for centuries. 

However, within the past 5 years, Laos has caught the attention of foreign investors worldwide. The untapped market and land offers ample resources and opportunities, giving venture capitalists

Laos Aims to Meet Market Demand on Cattle


Due to a high demand for beef in Vietnam, Vietnamese authorities have put forth a request for Laos to supply them with up to 400 cattle per day.

However, with the already insufficient cattle supply in Vientiane inadequately providing  the domestic market, requiring cattle being brought from other provinces like