ASEAN Governors, Mayors Agree to Enhance their Capital Cities


Governors and Mayors of ASEAN capital cities have adopted the theme ‘Commitment and Responsibility of ASEAN Capitals for ASEAN Integration’, which covers four main sub-themes.

The sub-themes are: creating ASEAN capitals as liveable cities; ensuring public security; the preservation and promotion of traditional and cultural heritage and promotion of tourism; and cooperation in strengthening the workforce.

This information was outlined by Vientiane Mayor Dr Sinlavong Khoutphaythoune during the fourth Meeting of Governors/Mayors of ASEAN Capitals, held in Vientiane yesterday.

In his opening remarks, Dr Sinlavong said the theme of the meeting was compatible with the three pillars of the ASEAN Community, which all ASEAN governments have consensually adopted.

“This meeting takes place at the same time as the 450th anniversary of the That Luang stupa, which is considered to be the biggest cultural festival in Laos,” Dr Sinlavong said.

He observed that the meeting served as a forum for discussion and the sharing of knowledge and experiences between ASEAN governors and mayors, which would ultimately contribute to the development of ASEAN capitals.

He said the successful outcome of the third Meeting of Governors and Mayors of ASEAN Capitals had contributed to a closer relationship between ASEAN capitals, especially in terms of sharing best practices in various areas.

Those have underpinned the three pillars of the ASEAN Community, such as sustainable urban development, traffic congestion solutions, the creation of green capitals, tourism industry, workforce capacity enhancement, cultural exchange, and other issues.

Dr Sinlavong said many interesting activities have been planned such as art exhibitions, and the exhibition of local products from ASEAN capitals.

During the meeting, Dr Sinlavong asked for cooperation and contributions from all delegates in sharing their ideas on the above-mentioned issues in a constructive manner and fruitful atmosphere, in line with the ASEAN slogan: ‘ASEAN, we are bonded as one’.

Dr Sinlavong thanked the governors and mayors of ASEAN capitals for their contributions to the meeting.

“This indicates a manifestation of support and readiness to strengthen the integration and realisation of the ASEAN Community at the local level,” he said.

Dr Sinlavong encouraged the visiting governors and mayors to visit various landmarks and appreciate the beauty of Lao culture and nature during their stay in Vientiane.


Source: Vientiane Times