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How to Donate to the Attapeu Flood Victims

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While news of the Xe-Pian dam overflow has been slow to emerge, social media has been bombarded by photos, videos, and news clips of victims.

Attapeu provincial authorities confirmed that the Xe-Pian Dam breached its banks on Monday, leading to millions of tons of water inundating the local area, and causing widespread damage.

Hundreds are missing and thousands of families have lost their homes and livelihoods.

Flood victims have taken refuge in makeshift disaster relief centers set up by both Attapeu provincial authorities. Former inhabitants of the villages of Mai and Tahin have gathered in the Attapeu Provincial Office.

Others have sought shelter in nearby schools and fields.

All current assistance is being coordinated by the Lao government and the military, and the area has been restricted to all other visitors.

Bridges allowing land transport to Sanamxai are flooded, and donations are reaching the victims by boat.

Members of the public have been encouraged to donate to the cause and ensure the victims receive much needed relief, including food, clothing, towels and blankets, shoes, and sanitary products.

Below is a list of reliable options for making a donation either domestically or from abroad:

1. Vientiane Rescue
The famed Vientiane Rescue team, who recently provided assistance to the Thai soccer team lost in a cave, are helping rescue and provide for the Attapeu flood victims. To make a donation please visit the Vientiane Rescue website here.

2. BCEL One Heart
The BCEL One e-banking application now allows for direct donations via the One Heart icon in the app menu. A form of charitable crowdfunding, One Heart has set a target for 2 billion kip (approximately US$238,000) All funds will be reliably disbursed to the cause. 

3.  The European Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lao PDR (ECCIL)
The ECCIL is a registered chamber of commerce operating in the Lao PDR. It has pledged its support for the flood victims and is accepting donations at the following bank account:

Bank: Banque Franco-Lao Limited
Account number: 001000085711010028
Account name: European Chamber of Commerce in Lao


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